On-Demand Webinar – School 4.0 – We need to rethink school

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School 4.0 – We need to rethink school – Dave Judge, Executive Creative Director, Space Zero

What realistically could the future of “School” be?

Today Artificial intelligence is transforming our lives. When schools embrace it, AI will dramatically alter how pupils learn and teachers teach. It will end the factory mass teaching methods of the twentieth century and make possible the personalised and independent learning that educationalists such as Sir Ken Robinson have always advocated – freeing teachers from unnecessary tasks, to provide the one-to-one attention and mentorship that pupils deserve.

To make this happen, we need to reconsider school. We need to ask “How does AI affect the school ecosystem as we know it now – its layout, flow, fabric and architecture? How should we redesign school as a complete experience?”

In this session, we will share a vision, a possible blueprint that begins to answer these questions.

And we have gathered a panel of council representatives, educationalists, architects and designers to discuss the main factors that should be considered when thinking about the design of schools in a very near future when AI has changed the game forever.