On-Demand Webinar – The Journey to Zero Carbon

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Getting ‘Carbon Fit’–  Helen Groves & Stuart McLaren

We all know that one of our core priorities is to address our responsibilities towards global climate change. Like much of society the world of Education has been focused in the last year on the impacts of the pandemic, but during this period the climate emergency hasn’t paused. Until now the Education sector has been a leader in the drive to net zero, often setting more ambitious targets than the 2050 date set by government, and we need to accelerate this commitment.

Unfortunately, we do not see carbon as clearly as we see cost. It is often invisible in the design and construction process and obscured in production behind more obvious concerns of throughput, quality and reliability. To effectively tackle carbon we must see it, clearly and in all areas where it occurs, and quantify it such that we can prioritise our interventions and measure our success.

We will focus this presentation on the accelerators that can assist schools and universities in meeting these challenges, highlighting tools and methodologies to facilitate the tasks.

Carbon accounting tools ensure that construction and operational carbon is visible in the end-to-end process, upstream in material and component supply and downstream in distribution and end-of-life recycling. We will discuss how extending this visibility across the entire team enables a proactive, Carbon Value Engineering (C-VE) focus on major contributors, and how detailed carbon budgeting allows success to be measured, inspiring people and demonstrating commitment to society and our world.

Creating schools for the 21st century in Wales 
– Jane O’Leary

Llancarfan Primary School is the culmination of years of development and innovation. As part of the 21st Century Schools Programme, ISG together with the Welsh Government, Local Government Association, local authorities, colleges, diocesan authorities and architect Stride Treglown, are now progressing the first zero carbon school in Wales.

Through the construction of a number of Agilis schools and St David’s CIW Primary, which is low carbon in operation, we have learned a lot together since 2014. Jane will explore the collective journey to net zero carbon and showcase projected performance data for the new 210 pupil and 48 part-time nursery place school. She will also look to the future, as the Welsh Government targets net zero carbon by 2030.