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Sponsors of: Project of the Year – Schools

Daylight and ventilation are key components of optimal learning spaces. The influential Clever Classrooms study (2015) found that they account for the same variation in primary school children’s learning rates as the teachers themselves.

VELUX Commercial is a division under the VELUX brand. We offer daylight solutions for commercial buildings including schools.

VELUX Commercial covers Wasco, Vitral, JET and VELUX Modular Skylights organisations and has in total close to 1,200 people working in sales, production and administration in 13 countries providing a broad product offering ranging from industrial flat roof products and smoke- and heat ventilation exhaust solutions to modular, prefabricated skylight solutions.

Sponsors of: Project of the Year – Colleges and Universities Award

We are Space Zero – experts in space. As award-winning Interior Design and FF&E Consultants, our aim is to explore and exploit the potential of every space we work with.

We are specialists in the design of knowledge-sharing environments; interior designers who work as your partner and agent across the full process, from project conception to completion – and beyond. Based in the UK, we operate globally, meaning we are at the forefront of our industry and perfectly positioned to offer a unique, world-class service.

Sponsors of: Pupil/Student Experience Award

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Sponsors of: Client of the Year Award

Over the years we’ve worked with our partners to improve the learning environments of the next generation, recognising our responsibility to create spaces where people of all ages can learn, innovate and build our future. Our people have years of experience transforming schools, colleges and higher education institutions so that they, and their students, can reach their fullest potential. By using the full breadth of our people’s expertise, we can provide a range of solutions to the education sector from architecture to multidisciplinary design to project and change management and IT consultancy.