Dean Saxton

Technical Director



Dean is a Chartered Structural Engineer with 15 years’ experience and is responsible for managing Curtins Cardiff office.  Dean has substantial experience working in Wales across multiple sectors, and is currently working on a number of live Welsh education projects and health schemes through the Designed for Life: Building for Wales framework.  As part of Curtins commitment to the ‘UK Structural Engineers Declare Climate & Biodiversity Emergency’, Dean has championed low carbon structural designs and has been involved in a number of schemes where low embodied carbon solutions have been paramount in the decarbonisation strategy implemented.  Dean is committed to raising awareness of the importance of embodied carbon in buildings and its significance for meeting nett zero carbon aspirations.  Dean has undertaken embodied carbon sensitivity studies on a number of projects and utilising Curtins Digital Carbon Assessment toolkit, that works as a plug-in to Revit.

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