Mike Bedford

Director - Intelligent Buildings

Hoare Lea


I lead the Intelligent Buildings Group, specialising in intelligent building design. I offer a broad range of past relevant experience and have particular strengths in innovative technology concept design, user interfaces, systems control integration and visitor experience design,
with in-depth knowledge of on site engineering and commissioning. I have sharp focus on a user’s experience of a space and its technology.

I have a particular interest in an integrated design approach for networked building technology. I am a long standing advocate and practitioner of the user-centred design approach, which involves user groups in the formation of system design through all key stages of the project.

Specialist/sector expertise.
I understand what the latest and emerging technological developments are. I will offer an independent view of technology options available for implementation on the project. I have a hands-on management approach and will protect the successful delivery of the system in accordance with the design intent and client requirements. I have strong experience delivering lean, IP-integrated and efficient building systems.

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