Romain Richli

Head of Climate and Environment



Spearheading the drive for effective environmental management and sustainability solutions across Bouygues UK, Romain employs a forward-thinking approach to lead his team of sustainability and environmental experts. He is responsible for the implementation of our companywide environmental management plan along with working with teams across our business to ensure we meet our sustainability targets. This includes the implementation of corporate measures in order to protect our environment beyond compliance; the development and employment of solutions to enhance biodiversity, responsible sourcing and other sustainability certifications; the control and reduction of our energy consumptions and resources throughout the business, be it on site or in our offices. The strategy Romain leads on involves close interfaces between environment, sustainability and carbon, including our Net Zero emissions strategy towards 2050, targeting a 30% reduction in our carbon scope 3 by 2030 and becoming Net Zero by 2025 on scopes 1 and 2.  


Romain, who has been in the business for circa 18 years, sits on the Bouygues UK Executive Committee and reports to our leadership team on the progress toward our targets. Through his pivotal role in the company and in collaboration with all the Bouygues group experts across the globe, Romain cascades the overarching strategy down to his teams who pursue action across the business from the earliest stages of the design to Practical Completion and beyond. To support this, Romain also works with the team to ensure appropriate regulations and legislations are abided to, along with gaining required certifications in line with changing industry standards. He guides the education and upskilling programme surrounding the ever-evolving environmental management and sustainability standards across the company, ensuring that the appropriate experts are engaged to upskill the whole business into delivering more sustainable solutions for our clients.  

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