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IBI Group has built a reputation for taking grassroots ideas and building innovative facilities that strike a delicate balance between aesthetics and purpose. Our extensive portfolio covers all aspects of the learning continuum including early learning, primary and secondary education, college and university education, and specialised and non-traditional learning environments. Our experience ranges from small to the large projects, in both public and private sector settings.

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We respond positively and pro-actively

Our vision is to create holistic educational environments that are designed for the individual learner, as well as being wholly integrated and engaged within their surrounding communities and campuses.

We are focused on the learner

The learner is central to the education process and we recognise and honours the shift to individualised learning methods. Our designs and approach reflect this movement, being flexible and adaptable. Individuals are making their own choices in how they learn and our designs encourage opportunities for learning beyond the classroom, as we believe it is a seamless process which extends into the community at large.

We connect pedagogy and building design

The transformation of the teaching process into a more individualised and integrated process, as well as the incorporation of new technologies necessitates the need for flexible spaces. We have been at the forefront of this paradigm shift, designing adaptive spaces that move with the instructor and learner, creating a next generation learning environment.

We embrace technology in the learning process

We are a diverse practice and we have the knowledge base and capacity to integrate technology into the fabric of an education facility at the very beginning of design. As the trend in the learning process moves to a more fluid and technically-focused method, we understand the need for our clients to have technologically connected buildings and campuses. Technology is not only a tool for the learner, but rather an opportunity for them to become actively engaged in the learning process.


Our international reputation for thought leadership is underpinned by a strong design research ethos that is supported by the work of IBI THiNK. THiNK is responsible for encouraging, capturing, and developing the intellectual capital vested in IBI Group’s projects, people, and processes.