Why Attend?

Why Attend?

Why Should You Attend Education Buildings Wales?


The introduction of the New Welsh Curriculum from this September through to 2026, will restructure the Welsh education system through a new vision for learners aged 3 -16. This new curriculum is arriving in the middle of the 21st Century Schools and Colleges Programme, offering further opportunities for growth and innovation in the Welsh education sector.

The successful completion of Band A of Wales’s 21st Century Schools and Colleges Programme £1.4 billion investment set out to deliver 150 education projects, to benefit over 100,000 pupils. The funding was split equally between the Welsh government and local authorities in the biggest investment in educational infrastructure in Wales since the 1960’s and surpassed its target by delivering 170 projects in the timeframe.

Band B launched in 2019 and is set to run until 2026 with a further £2.3 billion investment aiming to deliver a further 200 schools and colleges in the 22 local authorities. Through collaboration with local communities this scheme will radically improve the quality of education buildings across Wales, to meet the needs of whole communities, promote inclusivity and wellbeing, and to decarbonise the estate. There is no set formula the programme is following, collaboration and consultation with local stakeholders is seen as the most effective way of improving infrastructure.

If your company has the expertise, knowledge, products, and services to help deliver this ambitious programme, you should attend Education Buildings Wales in June. This is a fantastic opportunity to build new connections and relationships, generate leads, and share best practice.