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21st C Schools Programme – The making of an intelligent user – Simon Kneafsey

Quite rightly there is a great emphasis though the 21st C Schools Band B programme on the creation of new teaching and learning environments to meet the needs of the new Welsh Curriculum. Because of this a lot of focus is given to engaging solely with the educators and students from the outset and taking them on the journey from the design to occupation. But this is only one piece of the puzzle. The estate managers, facilities teams and general users of the building are to an extent engaged in the process but is it at the right time and with the right support? With issues like energy use, carbon footprint, OPEX, design & in use gaps and potential revenue streams becoming just as important there is a need to ensure all key users know how to utilise their new environment to its best.

How do we as designers and constructors support and develop all stakeholders become the perfect intelligent users of these new educational estates? How can we perfect the perfect handover of this asset and how can we ensure that the asset is not only performing as design but us being used by stakeholders as designed? The first 12 months post completion/handover of a new building can be the most stressful, costly and fractious time for all stakeholders with misunderstandings on how to operate, maintain and manage the new building, surely there is a better way to manage and support all through this process.

This presentation seeks to look at ways in which all stakeholders can be more effectively engaged in the design and construction process, developing and educating users through the journey and closing the perceived design and in use gap. How can contractors and designers engage and learn from users and what information and support is best provided post-handover to ensure a positive outcome for all.


Our kids deserve better: delivering healthy and sustainable schools of the future

Speaker: Lee Fordham

What does it mean for a school to be truly sustainable? We know that we urgently need to reduce our carbon in schools, but sustainability goes much further than that. By creating healthy, beautiful, high quality and low-carbon schools, we can guarantee their longevity for years to come.

Wales has been at the forefront of sustainable design, bringing award-winning spaces such as Burry Port Primary School and Ysgol Trimsaran as well as the future Ysgol Bro Hygdden and Ysgol Gymraeg y Trallwng due to open in 2022.

Join Associate Director Lee Fordham as he shares lessons learnt from more than 11 years working with schools in Wales and pioneering low carbon education spaces. Lee will discuss some of the pitfalls of sustainable design and how we can eliminate the building performance gap, because our kids deserve better.