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Cardiff University and the Digital Twin – Rupert Walshe & Nick Tune

Atkins and Cardiff University are partnering on an advanced digital twin programme that will help drive digital transformation across the built environment.

The organisations are focusing on leveraging Cardiff University’s Computational Urban Sustainability Platform (CUSP), which creates a digital twin of buildings, infrastructure and cities to optimise design, build, operation and maintenance of assets.

The state-of-the-art Internet of Things platform – underpinned by building information modelling, geographical information systems and artificial intelligence – engages users in real-time to allow a more informed, immersive decision-making process, and promotes machine learning to automatically refine solutions based on the data gathered. Deploying CUSP and enhancing it will potentially enable autonomous asset operation and maintenance.

To date, CUSP has already been used on a number of collaborative research and development programmes aimed at the reduction of energy consumption and optimising low carbon energy production on major regeneration projects in Wales and across Europe.