On-Demand Webinar: Welsh Government: 21st Century Schools & Colleges Programme Update

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21st Century Schools & Colleges Programme Update

Speakers: Neal O’Leary

The Welsh Government’s strategic Capital Investment Programme – 21st Century Schools and Colleges Programme has been in operation since 2014.

The programme is founded upon collaboration between the Welsh Government, Welsh Local Government Association, Colleges Wales and Diocesan Directors. The uniqueness of this arrangement allows all stakeholders to build a shared vision; so that they can make local decisions on school and college investment priorities and deliver at their pace and according to their needs.

Delivering £1.6bn investment under Band A (2014-2019) the Programme is now in the 3rd year of Band B, which aims to deliver £2.3bn of investment in new and refurbished schools and colleges across Wales.  Band B includes both capital and revenue (£500m through the Mutual Investment Model) funding providing the most strategic investment in the schools and colleges estate.

Through the Programme’s journey, you will hear how it has, and continues to deliver cross-cutting themes through joined-up working both with external and internal stakeholders and how this translates into tangible solutions on the ground.

You hear where the Programme is in terms of delivering against Welsh Government decarbonisation commitments, and how the Programme is taking a lead in developing strategies for decarbonisation in Wales.

MIM Programme Update

Speakers: Sara Humber

Sara will give an update on the appointment of Meridiam as the Private Sector Delivery Partner, the establishment of WEPCo and signing of the Strategic Partnering Agreement with multiple local authorities and further education institutions.  She will provide details of the progress of individual projects through the development process and future project pipeline including the supply chain assembly exercise, and provide information about how the pathfinder projects are targeting Net Zero Carbon in operations plus details about the WEPCo Community Benefits.