The Council Chamber Seminars

12:00 - 13:00

Workshop: Bringing Educational Settings into our Communities in Wales – Unlocking our school gates

Through the Sustainable Communities for Learning Programme, Community Hubs Grant, and more recently £25 million investment for Community Focused Schools to tackle the impact of poverty on our learners attainment, the Welsh Government is driving the strategic use of education infrastructure in Wales.  We not only want Community Focused Schools to use their facilities and resources to tackle inequality and benefit their local communities, we also want them to nurture and develop partnerships with organisations around them and make services accessible locally to families and the wider community.

Community Focused Schools are a key Programme for Government commitment. The Welsh Government are keen to hear your views on how we can continue to be strategic in this investment and welcome you to attend this workshop to inform how any potential future funding can be targeted towards areas of greatest needs.

Speaker:  Natalie James-Rutledge

Workshop session in the Council Chamber


  • Natalie James-Rutledge Senior Capital Funding Manager - Sustainable Communities for Learning Programme - The Education Directorate | Welsh Government
14:00 - 15:00

Workshop: The Welsh Education Partnership Company Story so Far

The Welsh Education Partnership Company Story so Far


Christian Stanbury, Chief Executive, Welsh Education Partnership Company

We will be discussing the various projects and their progress so far, lessons learnt and our challenges to date. This will include how the development process works and our partnership approach with Local Authorities and Further Education Institutes. In particular we will share our focus on Net Zero Carbon, the Partnering Support Services we can offer, and the community benefits we provide both locally and nationally across Wales.